GourmetMarket.com, (OTCBB:WINE), a leading Internet commerce site for premium food, wine and kitchenware products, announced today that it has entered into marketing relationships with several of the Internet's top Web portals including StoreRunner, Juno (Nasdaq:JWEB), AltaVista (Nasdaq:ALTA), Ask Jeeves (Nasdaq:ASKJ) and the number two Internet Service Provider Earthlink (Nasdaq:ELNK) and will market its products to users of these sites. "We are excited about our new business relationships," said Andrew Friedland, Vice President, Business Development, GourmetMarket.com. "These major web portals, with a combined Internet base reaching millions of consumers, effectively expands GourmetMarket.com's reach to potential customers. When a customer is looking for gourmet food and wine on the Web, GourmetMarket.com will be featured in the shopping sections of some of the major portals with the most traffic on the Internet," added Friedland. "And this exposure will enhance GourmetMarket.com's position as a leading e-commerce company in the gourmet food and wine industry." GourmetMarket.com is a leading online culinary marketplace for premium, hard-to-find food, wine and kitchenware products. GourmetMarket.com provides some of the most comprehensive online culinary content on the Internet today. GourmetMarket.com doesn't just offer products, if offers credible, trustworthy advice and recommendations from world-renowned experts about what to buy and why. San Francisco-based GourmetMarket.com (OTCBB:WINE ) is publicly held, and currently has more than 150 business and co-marketing partnerships, including a number of leading portals and culinary sites. For additional information, visit the company's Web site at