Norway's Department of Health (DoH) has commenced legislative work to introduce a National Health Brand (NHB) for food products by the end of 2008.

Health Minister Sylvia Brustad informed the Storting (national parliament) on 17 October that the legislative process would include the "broadest input from the foods industry and other interest groups" to establish a brand and brand logo. 

A report conducted by the Oslo-based market research organisation SIFO, and published 12 October, found that 90% of consumers in Norway are positive to the introduction of an NFB and desire a broader choice of organic foods. The market for organic foods in Norway is forecast to grow by over 30% in 2007, said the report. 

"The SIFO report proves that consumers are becoming more focused on the foods that they purchase and the food that they eat. All food suppliers will be required to subscribe to a national health brand. We sense that there is a lot of support from the industry which is working quite hard to develop and produce the healthier foods that consumers want," said  Brustad.