France-based retailer Guyenne et Gascogne posted a 5.5% rise in sales for the first half of the year, despite what it termed a "competitive environment".

Sales rose to EUR268.8m (US$425.9m) while the group's Sogara unit saw sales figures edge up 0.3% to EUR809m.

In France, Guyenne said that non-food "remains difficult, but without any further deterioration" while food sales fell slightly as a result of a change in consumption habits.

Spanish arm Centros Comerciales Carrefour sales grew 4.6% to EUR4.6bn for its hypermarkets and by 13.6% to EUR363.5m for its supermarkets.

"Despite an economic context that has become less favourable, stores continue
to record increases in turnover. The innovative actions taken in Carrefour hypermarkets have significantly enhanced performance, while Carrefour Express supermarkets have seen constant progress," the company said.