Studies show that good health means good performance -- at work, at school and at play. But oftentimes the harried consumer doesn't have time to go from one place to another to eat well, relieve tension, and put the mind and body back in "tune." Now, however, you'll be able to "squeeze" the pesticide-free fruit, "bathe" in exotic aromas, "breathe" deeply with Feldenkrais therapy and get the milk home to boot!

Today marks the grand opening of the Fairview HealthWise Center -- an innovative clinic offering alternative therapies and educational programs -- located in the Lunds-Uptown store.

Not ones to take complementary health and nutrition lightly, Fairview and Lunds are setting a new standard by bringing the best of both to the grocery store. Think "tai chi meets green tea" or "massage meets fromage" and you've got a whole new health experience that blends hands-on healing, organic foods and a bit of aromatherapy all in one location.

Through Lunds' whole-health program, Living Wise(TM), a unique storewide concept that combines premium natural products and wellness services, customers will have a bounty of offerings to help them lead healthier lives.

Fairview's HealthWise Center, located in The Loft, will share its space with a Sola Squeeze(TM) juice bar and a Living Wise(TM) healthy lifestyle department devoted to bringing the latest in new health products and program materials. Now you can sip on a mango juice, get a massage and read books on the latest in wellness approaches.

The Fairview HealthWise Center has four treatment rooms, an exercise area and a classroom for learning about current health issues and therapies. Manual medicines such as physical therapy, massage and chiropractic will be offered along with Pilates and Feldenkrais movement therapy, acupuncture and classes on everything from nutrition to relaxation. The center is open Monday-Friday, including some evenings, and is available to anyone.

"Today's healthcare consumer is very savvy about health as a whole, and is increasingly interested in making healthy choices, including nutritional foods and 'complementary' therapies. As a community-focused healthcare provider, we are committed to looking for new ways to meet the demands and schedules of the consumer," says David Page, Fairview president and CEO. "With the Fairview HealthWise Center we're now bringing to the community accessible services that complement a total wellness approach to good health."

"Lunds and Fairview are committed to the well-being of all ages," says Tres Lund, president and CEO, Lund Food Holdings. "As partners, we can improve consumer access to healthy foods, wellness-enhancing products, services and information in a non-traditional, yet convenient and accommodating venue."

Fairview Health Services is a community-focused health system providing a complete range of services, from illness and injury prevention to care for complex medical conditions. Services are provided in many settings, including community centers, homes, clinics, hospitals and long-term care centers.

Lund Food Holdings operates seven Lunds and 11 Byerly's stores in the Twin Cities and one Byerly's in St. Cloud, Minn. Living Wise is a new storewide health and wellness concept that brings together an extraordinary assortment of premium quality natural products and wellness services. Living Wise will be available in all Twin Cities Lunds and Byerly's stores by the end of this year.