European consumers remain concerned about issues surrounding health and wellness and are increasingly sophisticated in their attitudes towards diet and food labelling, a new study has suggested.

The study, which was released today (19 October) by sweetener and ingredients group Tate & Lyle, found that 53% of consumers in Germany, France the UK, Spain and Italy "often" check nutritional information on-pack, and 57% check the ingredient list.

According to the researcher's findings, "at least half" of consumers see less fat and sugar as important in informing product choices.

Additionally, around 80% of respondents noted that they would be prepared to spend more on specific claims which have so far been less common in some countries, such as "improving cardiovascular health" and "helps to control cholesterol".

"Understanding that consumers still view health and wellness as extremely important and look to on-pack labelling for guidance, will enable our customers to respond to these consumers preferences,"Anne Barry, marketing officer at Tate & Lyle Food and Industrial Ingredients, Europe, said.
The survey, conducted in July 2009, polled 1,565 people in Germany, France, UK, Spain and Italy.