HJ Heinz has received the highest score awarded by investment analysts in the LOHAS Index, ranking the 50 most environmentally and socially responsible US companies.

The LOHAS Index measures consumer and investment analyst perceptions of the corporate social responsibility activities of US corporations. It is compiled by the Natural Marketing Institute.

The index noted that Heinz performed "especially well in diversity, community and employee relations."

Although Heinz ranked number one in the investment score, the index revealed a lack of consumer awareness of Heinz's CSR initiatives. When consumer perceptions were included Heinz ranking dropped to 19th. This, researchers said, demonstrates a need for Heinz to be more proactive in communicating its CSR activities to consumers.

Responding to these findings, Heinz said that it is committed to increasing its stakeholder engagement and is preparing to issue its second CSR report later this year.
Highlighting Heinz' CSR priorities, Ted Smyth, chief administrative officer at Heinz, said: "Heinz is fully committed to the creation of a more sustainable world by developing nutritious, safe and healthy food products in a way that safeguards the environment. Heinz also is a leading partner in a major global initiative to eradicate the scourge of micronutrient deficiencies suffered by children in developing economies."