HP is rolling out its "top-down" bottles

HP is rolling out its "top-down" bottles

Heinz is rolling out new-look HP sauces in the UK that are available in what the US company calls a "top-down" format.

The ketchup maker said today (21 March) that it was "turning the nation's favourite BBQ sauce on its head" with a "new, easy-to-squeeze, top-down" bottle.

The HP Original, Mild and Hot BBQ sauces - as well as Heinz's range of HP Fruity sauces - are being rolled out this month.

Heinz claimed the new-look bottle would help barbecue lovers this summer and give the range a more upmarket look.

"By introducing the new format we are making it easier for people to add a squeeze of their favourite HP BBQ Sauce to their sausage or burger.  The new top down format will also have a more premium look which will appeal to both new and existing consumers," said Heinz brand manager Sally Burtonwood.