Heinz has had to change the labelling for its Farmers' Market soups after complaints from the UK farming community.

The soups, launched only two months ago, fell foul of the National Farmers' Retail & Markets Association (FARMA), which claimed Heinz was misleading consumers.

Heinz said the soups' labels will now include the wording "Inspired by farmers' markets" on the front of packs.

Wording on the back of packs will also include the phrase "Made with quality ingredients from the UK and other countries".

FARMA claimed Heinz was misleading consumers with the use of the term "Farmers Market", arguing that the company does not use local ingredients or suppliers.

Heinz said it would "explore the viability" of using ingredients from local UK farmers. However, the company stopped short of dropping the "Farmers Market" brand name.

"We do not consider that consumers purchasing these Heinz products in a supermarket or other retail outlet would in any way be confused regarding the nature of what they were purchasing from Heinz," Nigel Dickie, corporate and government affairs director at Heinz UK & Ireland, said.