Hero, the Swiss food group, has launched a range of food for toddlers in the US through its local arm Beech-Nut Nutrition Corp.

The Let's Grow! range of 19 products includes three items new to the toddler food category, Beech-Nut said - cereal, yoghurt-covered grain snacks and seven-grain snacks.

Beech-Nut said the launch was the biggest in its history and, to support the move, the company will advertise on TV for the first time.

The company, which is promoting the range as "all-natural" and has put a "No Junk Promise" tag-line on its labelling, has made a series of claims about the Let's Grow! roster compared to products from rival Gerber.

Beech-Nut said its Let's Grow! Tummy Meals and Mini Meals contain up to 50% less sodium than Gerber Lil' Entrées and Lil Meals. The company also said that Let's Grow! cookies and biscuits contain no added refined sugar, while pointing to the sugar and high fructose corn syrup it claims are found in Gerber's Graduates range.

"At Beech-Nut we saw a need in the toddler aisle for a product that fits within today's on-the-go families without sacrificing nutrition," said Christoph Rudolf, president and CEO of Beech-Nut. "We want to offer new products that reflect our promise of advancing nutrition, while remaining convenient for Mom's busy lifestyle."