Hershey has developed a line for its Ice Breakers gum and mint candy range it claims will bring "a whole new experience to refreshment".

The US confectionery giant describes Ice Breakers Cool Blasts as "a quick dissolving chew with a unique, soft and chewy texture that provides a cool blast of instant freshness".

Michele Buck, president of Hershey's North American business, said, the new line is "a product that chews like a gum but dissolves like a mint" and was developed with the company reacting to falling gum sales in the US.

"Recent declines in the gum segment indicate that some consumers are looking for another breath-freshening solution, one that provides some of the attributes of gum, yet with some different benefits. These consumers are looking for discrete breath cleansing without continuous chewing and without the need for disposal," Buck told the Consumer Analyst Group of New York conference last week.