US confectionery company Hershey Foods has introduced a syrup with added vitamins and minerals.

Hershey's Fortified Chocolate Syrup is targeting parents of finicky eaters as a new way to boost nutrient intake, and provides 10% of the Reference Daily Intake of essential vitamins and minerals like Calcium, Vitamin E; Biotin; Vitamin B5 and Zinc.

Flavouring is commonly used to get reluctant kids to drink milk, but Hershey is using the "fortified" aspect of its new syrup to get parents to use it more liberally.

Hershey's associate marketing manager Matt Podhajsky says it can be "moms' secret weapon to sneaking more nutrients into their children's diets in a fun, delicious and nutritious way." The new product has the same caloric, carbohydrate and sodium content as the traditional chocolate syrup.