Hilltop Honey is looking to supply the Middle East market by summer 2014

Hilltop Honey is looking to supply the Middle East market by summer 2014

Welsh honey producer Hilltop Honey has announced plans to supply honey to Middle East markets by this summer.

Speaking to just-food at this year's Food and Drink Expo, founder Scott Davies said there has been a surge in the demand for British products, particularly in the Middle East.

"There's a real demand for British honey - British products in general. I think it's to do with the royal wedding and the Olympics. British is a good seal of approval, they know they are getting a good quality product."

Hilltop Honey has existed for two-and a-half years based out of Powys, Wales. It has a network of 4-5 beekeepers with about 4,000 hives between them, a supply chain which Davies says is the firm's "USP".

As well as selling traditional honeys, Hilltop Honey has flavour infused varieties including chilli, ginger and cinnamon. It also produces creamed honeys which David says are attractive because they don't crystallise in the way traditional honeys might.

Davies said the firm was in the process of preparing its first shipment to send to America and it was currently focusing on getting "it into one of the big multiples in the UK", namely Waitrose. The product is available through Ocado at GBP6.00 for a 340g jar.

"The Middle East is a big area of interest for us. We've talked to other honey companies and they've said it's a really good place to start with. People in the Middle East recognise British as a good quality product and they have a sweet tooth so it's kind of a no-brainer to try it."