Bimbosan - to be acquired by Hochdorf.

Bimbosan - to be acquired by Hochdorf.

Swiss dairy and infant formula supplier Hochdorf is to acquire peer Bimbosan, which specialises in nutritional food for children.

It has agreed to purchase 100% of Bimbosan's assets for an undisclosed sum.

The companies have had a trade relationship since the 1970s with Hochdorf producing products for Bimbosan.

Family business Bimbosan was founded in 1932. It produces a range of Swiss 'bio' products - including palm oil-free products - sold in pharmacies and drugstores as well as in larger Coop branches. 

Much of Hochdorf's product offering in this area has been in the private label field.

But in 2016 it took a 51% stake in Pharmalys Group, a first step into brands, which it now intends to build on through the Bimbosan acquisition.

Dr Thomas Eisenring, CEO of the Hochdorf Group, said: "Bimbosan is the mark when it comes to nutrients for infants in Switzerland,

"Given its Swiss origin, long positive market presence and its focus on natural raw materials, Bimbosan is a company that fits very well in the Hochdorf Group and its expansion strategy." 

Hochdorf said it plans to develop Bimbosan to position it as a major Swiss brand.

Daniel Bärlocher, manager of Bimbosan, said: "Swiss roots, the high profile of the Bimbosan mark on the Swiss market and the Hochdorf network to distributors are in our view the key factors for a successful future of the brand."