Latka takes role of CEO at Hochwald Foods

Latka takes role of CEO at Hochwald Foods

German dairy and meats group Hochwald Foods has appointed CFO Detlef Latka as its new chief executive.

The appointment of Latka as CEO, who has worked for Hochwald since 2004, was effective from 1 October, Hochwald said on Friday (14 October).

The move is the second major change to Hochwald's senior management in under a year.

Last November, Hochwald appointed head of operations Karl Eismann to the position of chief operating officer. The move followed the departure of managing director Dr Karl-Heinz Engel.

At the time, Hochwald said the changes would see the responsibility for its commercial business unit and for its production and technology department shared between Eismann and Latka.

Asked why Hochwald had appointed a CEO, a spokesperson said: "The Hochwald supervisory board decided to appoint a CEO to combine the functions spokesperson of the board and contact person for the co-op farmers."

In a statement announcing the appointment, Hochwald said Eismann and Latka would "continue to perform their functions on an equal footing".

Latka, who has been responsible for Hochwald's commercial management since 2005, now also has the company's sales units report into him. He retains responsibility for Hochwald's finance functions. Latka also leads central functions such as human resources.

Eismann, who remains COO, leads Hochwald's production plants, as well as central functions such as central quality management, supply chain management, procurement and milk management. 

Commenting on his appointment as CEO, Latka said: "I understand my role as chief executive officer as a team player. I would like to thank the supervisory board for the trust placed in me and I look forward to the new tasks."