Horse meat scandal spreads to Spain

Horse meat scandal spreads to Spain

Undeclared horse meat DNA has been found in Spanish burgers, a leading consumer organisation revealed today (29 January).

Following the discovery of horse meat in burgers sold at retailers in the UK and Ireland, Spanish consumer watchdog Organización de consumidores y usuarios (OCU) undertook independent tests to examine whether horse meat had entered the supply chain of retailers in Spain.

According to the organisation, two of 20 products tested came back positive for horse meat. These products were on sale at Alipende and Eroski, the OCU said.

A spokesperson for the consumer body told just-food that the organisation was concerned because the burgers labels, which claim to be 100% beef, "deceived" consumers.

The spokesperson added: "With this, you must think can you trust the labels of products?"

Alipende and Eroski were not available for comment at time of press.

According to Irish food safety officials, the horse meat DNA in UK and Ireland has been tracked to a filler ingredient from Poland. However, Spanish food safety officials have been helping Ireland's Food Safety Authority with its inquiry.