ICG Commerce announced today that it will provide end-to-end online procurement services to Imperial Sugar Company, the largest domestic sugar refiner and processor in the United States. Imperial Sugar will engage ICG Commerce to provide comprehensive, business-to-business e-procurement services that combine advanced Internet technology, procurement expertise, supply base and transaction management, and dedicated customer care. ICG Commerce will ultimately manage over $330 million in external spend generated from all corporate purchases with the exception of most raw materials.

Procurement costs for most companies can account for over 60 percent of total expenditures, and adopting an e-procurement solution can strongly impact a company's bottom line. ICG Commerce enables companies to save money by gaining transactional efficiencies through its end-to-end procurement services. Furthermore, ICG Commerce negotiates prices with suppliers based on the demand of its entire customer base, thereby lowering unit costs.

"By enabling our customers to purchase the goods and services they need quickly and for less money, our services significantly impact their bottom line," said Rick Berry, president and CEO of ICG Commerce. "We look forward to generating excellent results for Imperial Sugar." The company joins Sunoco, Unisys and Meridian Health Systems as recently signed ICG Commerce customers.

Imperial Sugar Company operates four sugar cane refineries, 11 beet sugar factories, six foodservice production facilities, and various packaging, ingredient, warehouse, distribution and terminal facilities in the U.S. ICG Commerce will enable Imperial to consolidate its procurement processes across business units and realize unit cost reductions from aggregated pricing through ICG Commerce's global supplier network. In addition, ICG Commerce will provide to the sugar giant strategic sourcing, online payment processing, and supply base management services.

"We are constantly looking for ways to maximize productivity and to keep costs low," said Dennis Jackson, director of procurement at Imperial Sugar. "ICG Commerce will help us secure the best prices and the best service from the top suppliers in the world. We are excited about the tremendous process improvements and unit cost reductions resulting from these services."

About Imperial Sugar

Imperial Sugar Company is the largest processor and marketer of refined sugar in the United States and a major distributor to the food service market. Imperial produces several of the best known brands in the industry including Imperial®, Dixie Crystals®, Pioneer®, Holly®, Spreckels®, plus Wholesome(TM) Sweeteners, and Diamond Crystal®. Additional information about Imperial Sugar may be found on its Web site at www.imperialsugar.com.

About ICG Commerce

ICG Commerce is the world's first comprehensive online procurement services provider for businesses, unmatched in supply chain management, purchasing and strategic sourcing for any industry. The company delivers to customers complete, tailored services built around a flexible, internet-based platform that requires minimal start-up cost and time and no software purchase or installation. ICG Commerce can effect the entire spectrum of purchasing strategies, including aggregated buys, portals and exchanges, hosted auctions, eRFQs/eRFPs, spot buys and catalog purchases.

As such, the company is uniquely positioned to help customers streamline all of their procurement decisions and processes and to achieve substantial savings and efficiencies. ICG Commerce is a member of the Internet Capital Group (Nasdaq: ICGE - news) network of partner companies, and is based in Jenkintown, Pa. For more information, access the company's Web site at www.icgcommerce.com.