For the fourth time, leaders of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union have blocked or withdrawn an election involving small groups of Wal-Mart associates - suggesting a pattern in which union leaders begin a drive, realize they lack support and then block the election rather than face defeat. The latest such action took place on Tuesday, Oct. 24. Seventeen tire and lube express associates in Kingman, Ariz., were set to cast their votes in an election scheduled for Oct. 27. But UFCW leaders successfully blocked the election just days before the vote with the National Labor Relations Board. "This pattern is becoming all too familiar to us," said Jay Allen, vice president of corporate affairs. "This is the fourth time that UFCW union leaders have backed out of an election when they knew they would lose. Our associates are smart and they have said time and time again that they do not want to be represented by third parties. We wish the UFCW would recognize this and stop wasting everybody's time." The other similar instances occurred in these areas: