International Media & Cultures, Inc. (IMAC) today announced the roll-out of a unique line of patented flavored anticaking agents for the cheese industry. The agents are available in cheddar, mozzarella, cheese, Italian-Style (Parmesan/Romano) and Mexican-Style (Nacho, Cotija) flavors.Shredded or grated cheeses typically are made using a small percentage of anticaking agents, which prevent the pieces of cheese from sticking together. However when cheese is shredded and applied with regular anticaking agents, a second problem arises, which is a loss of flavor. The IMAC formulation prevents sticking and at the same time introduces natural flavoring systems onto the cheese to compensate for flavor loss and in some cases greatly improves the flavor.IMAC's flavored anticaking agents complement the other items in the anticaking line, which include white and colored non-flavored variations. All of the agents may be formulated with oxygen scavenging enzymes. IMAC anticaking agents are made using rice or corn bases in combination with cellulose. This combination provides nutritive value to grated or shredded cheeses as opposed to competitive anticaking agents using cellulose alone."It is no longer enough to launch 'me-too' products," said Dr. M. Reddy, president of International Media & Cultures. "A new product must bring new applications and added value. Flavored anticaking agents are representative of the direction we want our company to take."Founded in 1982, International Media & Cultures, Inc. has ten domestic manufacturing facilities in addition to affiliate operations in the U.K. and India. A recognized leader in the culture industry, the company has expanded its line to include probiotics, cheese yield enhancers, cheese analogs, milk storage treatments and soy products.The company's website may be accessed at: