iTradeNetwork today [Wednesday] announced it will provide EDI-based connectivity.

Retailers, wholesalers, and foodservice companies that are currently using EDI services can now easily route their EDI generated purchase orders directly to their suppliers via ITN, the company said. This provides a single interface that can accommodate either workflow collaboration or existing batch EDI transactions in a single electronic data management system (iTN). The retail, wholesale, and distributor community also benefits by instantly accessing over 1,700 suppliers that are currently using the iTradeNetwork e-business platform, said the company in a release.

"Previously shippers had to sign up with multiple data transfer providers, whereas now we have a single integration point and instead can focus our resources on other core related business. This adds efficiency and provides a higher level of customer service while reducing costs of operations," said Tim Riley, vice president of The Giumarra Companies.

iTradeNetwork CEO Robert Bonavito added: "For those customers wanting to use EDI, we are now optionally offering this capability with our existing platform. This capability does not add any additional cost, interfaces, or complexities to existing EDI infrastructure. It is simply rerouting the documents to ITN integration server via FTP, SFTP, AS1, AS2 or any other existing transport mechanism. iTradeNetwork will continue to pursue an open architecture approach and provide real value to our customers with connectivity to multiple sources."