Jac Pac Foods announced today that it has commenced a voluntary recall of approximately 210,000 pounds of ground meat produced on June 9, 2000 at its Manchester, NH plant. A product sample analyzed in distribution by the USDA was found to contain E. coli O157:H7. It should be stressed there is no danger to consumers as long as this, or any other ground beef product, is properly handled and cooked to an internal temperature of 160 degrees. Only 15,760 pounds are known to be affected by the bacteria. However, to ensure the safety of our consumers, Jac Pac is recalling the entire day's production of approximately 210,000 pounds. The Jac Pac ground products being recalled were sold to retail and foodservice outlets. Foodservice products were sold in 10 and 36 pound boxes with a pack date of 0161 or expiration Oct. 09 00. The retail products were one-pound packages of fresh four-to-the-pound ground beef patties and one-pound bulk ground beef packages sold through Stop & Shop, Trader Joe's and Shoplink.com. Affected product carries manufacturing date codes, as follows: