Jack Links has launched Peperami Roll in the UK

Jack Link's has launched Peperami Roll in the UK

US-based meat snacks maker Jack Link's is adding a product to its range of Peperami products in the UK.

The Peperami Roll is a smoked salami sausage wrapped in soft baked bread. It is available in Original or Hot variants. 

The new product targets 15- to 35-year-old males and is available across the country.

Jack Link's senior marketer, Pavan Chandra, said: "Here at Peperami we understand that men want proper meaty snacks to sink their teeth into. Meat and bread is a favourite combination for manly munching and the new Peperami Roll offers just that, perfect for on the go, you can just pick one up and roll with it."

The new product is available as a single roll at GBP1.25 (US$1.93) or a pack of three at GBP2.50.

Jack Link's acquired Peperami from Unilever in April last year