Brazilian meat giant JBS has entered its domestic poultry sector through a deal to lease the local plants of French firm Groupe Doux.

JBS, the world's second-largest poultry processor, said today (4 May) the contract would boost its poultry production capacity by 15%.

The deal comes after speculation in France that Doux had agreed to sell its operations in Brazil to JBS

The Brazilian firm did not disclose the financial details of the deal but said it would not take on any debt. It plans to hire all workers at the plants, it added. 

JBS said it was "strategically important" to have a production platform in the chicken sector in Brazil and North America, as it already has in beef.

"The US and Brazil are the two most relevant countries in the chicken sector. Together they represent 30% of global consumption, 36% of global production and almost 70% of global chicken exports. These indicators prove the relevance and competitiveness of these two countries, their global reach and their very dynamic domestic markets," JBS said.