UK cereal manufacturer Jordans has launched Macho Muesli, a concept cereal targeting British male consumers.

Jordans said the new 51% wholegrain cereal will give British men a "healthy fix". Online consumer research and health statistics show that men who eat more wholegrains have a 20% decreased risk of dying from cardio-vascular disease, the cereal maker added.

Bill Jordan, chairman of Jordans Cereals, said: "We have always listened to what our customers want and it was clear that men want a product they can really get their teeth into. Good nutrition has and always will lie at the heart of the business and we have spent a great deal of time creating what we believe is a truly nutritionally balanced, but interesting and delicious muesli."

The limited edition cereal which contains Brazil and pecan nut pieces, selenium for the immune system and cocoa nib, will be available from March.