SIAL has kicked-off in Paris this year and as a focal point for the world's food industry, the show is hosting 5,900 exhibitors and is expected to attract around 140,000 visitors. Today (22 October), the show hosted its Innovation Awards, which saw winners includng Mini Olivia, Goulibeur, and Sojade.

Mini Olivia is an innovation from Spainish firm Alcala Oliva that comprises seasoning in individual olive-shaped servings. 100% natural, the product won its award for "originalty of the packaging and breadth of the range". Flavours include viniagrette made with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Kit-Tarte Goulibeur is a pre-cooked tart base that comprises cooking paper and a cooking circle. The kit was chosen as "a kit enabling to produce a sophisticated dessert yet leaving the consumer some leeway to be creative".

Mengazz Oli is a liquid salt produced by Acetifico Mengazzoli) presented in a 100ml aerosol. It was chosen for "its use in spray form and the wide range of varieties".

FoodBiotic has won an award for Eau de Safran Safaneo, a saffron water in a spray form. The product is for use at the end of the cooking process just before serving, not only on meat, poultry, fish, shellfish and vegetables but also on desserts and hot drinks.

UK producer Braham & Murray won an award for its Good Seed - Shelled Hemp Seed. 100% natural and healthy, the product is designed to be used as an ingredient or simply as a snack.

France's Triballat Noyal has picked up an award for its Sojade Riz Ultra-Frais - an organic speciality dessert made with rice. The product is lactose- and gluten-free.

The UK's Imaginitive Cuisine won an award this year for its Freshburst Gastropaint, a sauce with a brush that is used to paint the plate. Presented in a jar, the product is ideal for foodservice industry needs.

France's Triballat Noyal won a second award at SIAL for its Vrai Mon Pocket Bio - an organic yoghurt drink in a carton for children. The product won the award for its "product manipulation, naturalness, and ecology".

France's Cookal picked up an innovation award for its Perles de Vinaigre Balsamique de Modene IGP Perlanova. The balsamic vinegar pearls have a liquid centre and are for use in the mass market.

CPPARM Poivre de Cassis was a winner this year. The blackcurrant pepper is made of ground and freeze-dried 100% blackcurrant buds. Infused to develop the aromas, the product has been produced for the foodservice sector.

France's Aperitruffes, a selection of truffle-flavoured walnuts was a winner of this year's innovation awards. The SIAL innovation committee chose the product for its original taste.

Les Delices du Valplessis picked up an award for its Les Minis Adelie, milk chocolate-coated vanilla ice cream bites with crunchy cereals. The award was won for originality of the shape and recipe.

Daregal saw its Infusions Surgelees herbal teas pick up an award this year. Presented in frozen form to preserve their taste, the product is produced in finely perforated pouches.

Groix & Nature picked up an award for its Huile de Homard lobster oil. Handcrafted and made with olive oil infused with cooked lobster shells, herbs and spices, the product is ideal for seasoning pasta, salads, seafood, raw and cooked fish and sushi.