Congratulation to the lucky winner of the quiz, Deborah Wilson of UK hotel and restaurant group Whitbread. She wins a year's free subscription to Thanks to all those who entered - and better luck next time!

Here are the results:

At the start of the year, which European company agreed to buy Ralston Purina to enhance its pet food offering (okay guys, it's traditional to start with an easy one!)?


Which German B2B marketplace for the food industry won €16m in second-round financing in February?


In March, the audacious trading director of which UK retail multiple hauled delegates at the IGD Global Retailing conference out of their seats and had them join in the corporate chant of his group?

Asda Wal-Mart

Which US meat giant called off its takeover of IBP in April, prompting a heated legal battle?


Which consumer products giant said in the spring that it would slash 8,000 jobs and close at least 30 factories?


Which Heinz product was granted an 11th hour reprieve following public outcry when the group threatened to axe it?

Salad cream

The revamped packaging of which popular confectionery product caused a stink in June?

Nestlé's KitKat

Which US group said it would buy Earthgrains to pad out its bras-to-bagels portfolio in July?

Sara Lee

In September, which two multinationals agreed terms after employees of one party were discovered snooping in garbage cans belonging to the other?

Unilever, Procter & Gamble

10 Which Japanese retailer filed for bankruptcy protection in October with debts of ¥1.3 trillion?


11 Name one of the two women who dominated the Unilever/Merrill court battle in November.

Wendy Mayall, Carol Galley

12 And finally… name three dotcoms in the food sector that disappeared into oblivion in 2001? (Hey come on, there are enough to choose from!)

Streamline, IngredientsNet, FoodUSA, SugarOnline, Kosmo, Foodline, Webvan (to name but a few)