This week, just-food spoke to Barry Callebaut R&D chief Hans Vriens

This week, just-food spoke to Barry Callebaut R&D chief Hans Vriens

The surprise departure of Richard Brasher, the CEO of Tesco's UK operations, grabbed the headlines this week. Elsewhere, analysts voiced their opinions on Premier Foods success in securing a refinancing deal and on Dairy Crest's decision to potentially sell its French business and invest in the UK.

"With Brasher only having been in the post a year, it seems likely that there was tension behind the scenes. Tesco's handling of the departure gives the impression of a company in crisis, stumbling from one problem to the next" - Matt Piner, lead consultant at Conlumino comments on the departure of Tesco UK director Richard Brasher.

"He has been first-class, not only for Tesco but for the industry. I think he is a great man but there are always changes in business so we should always respect somebody's decision. It's a pity for retail but I'm not making any comment on Tesco" - Marks and Spencer chief executive Marc Bolland on Brasher's decision to leave the retailer's UK rival.

"We're changing and we’ll go through to have the [equivalent] ranges of the largest grocers, Tesco and Morrisons. We still won't have the lowest prices but that’s to come" - Ocado chief executive Tim Steiner admits the UK online retailer needs to do more on range and on price.

"It's net calorie intake that makes you fat. If you don't get off your butt and move a little, eat whatever you like but you will get fat. The balance needs to be there" - Barry Callebaut R&D chief Hans Vriens talks to just-food about the key to tackling obesity.

"You just need to walk the aisles of Britain's supermarkets and have a look at the brands in the butter, spreads, margarine and cheese cabinets" - Shore Capital analyst Clive Black speculates on where Dairy Crest is most likely looking to expand.

"While the economic situation is in its current condition, more and more own label products will be found in consumers' shopping baskets, although this growth will slow down" - Grupo Eroski CEO Agustín Markaide talks to just-food about how private label will develop in Spain.

"The Government relies too much on voluntary deals with industry rather than showing real leadership" - Which? executive director Richard Lloyd criticises the Government's Public Health Responsibility Deal.

"While Premier's saloon has proved to be one hosted by a patient and accommodating bartender, as we expected when we turned buyers last November, it is for us still very much a saloon of last chances" - Investec analyst Martin Deboo suggests there is no hiding place for Premier Foods plc, despite securing refinancing.

"The workers have been treated with contempt by Tulip. Tomorrow's meeting is to find out what is going on and to make the case very strongly that the firm should honour its enhanced redundancy package to former Tranfoods employees" - Unite regional officer Franny Joyce on planned strikes over redundancy pay

"We had some discussions on the prices of a few products which were temporarily unavailable in our stores but we have eventually concluded an agreement, so there is no dispute running" - a spokesperson for Auchan tells just-food it has resolved its price dispute with Nestle-Lactalis