A selection of quotes from this weeks news

A selection of quotes from this week's news

Barry Callebaut CEO Juergen Steinemann last week insisted its acquisition of Petra Foods' cocoa ingredients unit will strengthen its future with the deal making it the world's largest processor of cocoa and high-quality cocoa powder. Elsewhere, the European Commission said it would come forward with ideas for a grocery code adjudicator by next autumn if no system of self-regulation is put into place. Parmalat, meanwhile, confirmed a raid on its offices over tax investigations, and David Heath, UK minister for environment, food and rural affairs said his department was working with the UK Government to identify export priority markets.

"It strengthens and diversifies our cocoa sourcing activities. We are adding Asia as a strong sourcing base and therefore not only guarantee more volume and quality but also more risk mitigation" - Barry Callebaut CEO Juergen Steinemann insists its acquisition of Petra Foods' cocoa ingredients division acquisition will strengthen its future and current outsourcing and partnership agreements.

"We have made clear that if there is no system of self-regulation in place by next summer, the Commission will come forward with ideas for legislation in the autumn of 2013" - a spokesperson for the European Commission tells just-food it will may come forward with ideas for a grocery code adjudicator next autumn.

"The police department is carrying out an investigation ... so we can't say anything. We are waiting for the search to finish and we are giving them all the help we can" - a spokesperson for Parmalat confirms its offices were being raided by Italy's financial police over an investigation into tax.

"We are working with [government department] UK Trade & Investment to identify our priority markets but we have also commissioned some research to allow us to prioritise. I for one certainly intend to do more" - David Heath, UK minister for environment, food and rural affairs, believes the Government and food industry needs to "work together" in order to capitalise on the progress that has already been made in promoting the UK export industry.

"It's not all about China" - Peter Wilson, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office's director for Asia Pacific, says South East Asia is growing almost as rapidly as China as a potential export market for UK food manufacturers.

"Factors including high distribution costs and not being able to find suitable manufacturing partner means that the long-term viability of exporting to these markets is limited" - a spokesperson for Warburtons says high distribution costs and being unable to find a partner to produce its products locally were reasons for pulling its bread lines from sale in central Europe.

"Our ambitions for the new business are firstly to maintain the excellent levels of service and product quality which have helped us secure orders from all the major supermarkets and then to build upon the opportunities in the marketplace to grow the business" - Seamus Carr, MD of Vion's pork business unit, on its plans for the company following a management buy-out of the firm.

"As a private equity company, BC Partners periodically assesses options for various of its investments, including Migros" - Migros plays down reports US retail giant Wal-Mart is in talks to buy the group from UK private-equity firm BC Partners.

"This is a victory for the drivers who have displayed unity, strength and resolution throughout this difficult time against a hardline employer" - Unite said the settlement of a long-running dispute between Eddie Stobart and Tesco over an improved redundancy package is "a victory for worker solidarity".

Danone said a round of cuts totalling EUR200m (US$261m) in costs, combined with its ongoing "productivity programmes", would "free up resources to make Danone products and brands more competitive".