Kallari chocolate bars have hit Whole Foods stores in the US this month.

The chocolate bars are made by the Kallari Association, a cooperative of 850 Quichua families in Napo Province in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Of the profits, 100% are returned to the association.

Over the last year, Kallari has been mentored by US businessman Stephen McDonnell, the founder and CEO of Applegate Farms, a producer of natural and organic deli meats and cheeses.

McDonnell provided start-up funds and business expertise, including working with Whole Foods Market to showcase the product in its speciality departments.

The cacao beans for Kallari chocolate are a blend of several varietals, with the main flavour attributed to the Cacao Nacional de Arriba bean.

Kallari chocolate bars are currently available in 75% and 85%-cacao content.