Demand for kangaroo meat on export markets has been steadily increasing over the last few years. This is partly due to a growing taste for exotic meats, and also comes in response to fears over BSE. Now that foot & mouth has struck the UK and looks set to spread to the EU after a case was confirmed in France, kangaroo meat sales have been given a further boost.

The Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia is forecasting that sales will rise by 20%. Europe is the largest export market, accounting for approximately 80% of total export sales.

Kangaroo is considered one of the healthier red meats, as it is relatively lean and high in iron and protein.

To protect its livestock industry from foot and mouth disease, Australia has joined around 90 countries in banning meat and dairy imports from the EU. Passengers arriving at international airports from France and the UK are already subject to special security checks.

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