The UK food safety watchdog is to recommend that voluntary measures to reduce trans fats in food remain in place.

The Food Standards Agency said the measures had led to "such low consumer intakes that mandatory restrictions are not necessary".

The UK government had asked the FSA to review the guidelines surrounding the use of trans fats after authorities in Denmark and New York City decided to introduce mandatory regulations.

"The UK food industry has already delivered consumer benefits equivalent to the most restrictive legislation, the FSA said. "As a consequence, average dietary intakes in the UK have come down to just 1% of food energy."

It remains impossible to eliminate trans fats from food as they naturally occur in some meat and dairy products.

FSA chair Dame Deirdre Hutton said: "The voluntary reduction of trans fats is a great illustration of a regulator and industry working together for the benefit of public health."

The UK's Food and Drink Federation said the industry's moves on the issue should be applauded.

"As the FSA's detailed research makes clear, we are leading the world when it comes to reformulating out trans fats," Julian Hunt, the FDF's director of communications, said.