Kellogg has lowered the level of salt in two cereal lines on sale in Australia. 

The US cereal giant has reduced in its Corn Flakes and Rice Bubbles cereals on sale in Australia by 20%.

Kellogg said the reformulated cereal was already in production and scheduled to be fully rolled out by August. The company said it has now reduced salt levels across its portfolio of cereals by up to 59% since 1997.

"Breakfast cereals have never been a major contributor to salt in Australian diets but we believe we have an important role to play in leading by example and making reductions wherever possible," said Stevie Reid, senior nutritionist at Kellogg Australia.

"We're continuously looking for ways to improve the nutritional value of our cereals, whether that's less salt, more fibre or low GI and high protein options, without sacrificing the great taste that Australians expect."

Kellogg added it is on schedule to deliver on its commitment to reduce the sodium in all its cereals that exceed 400mg of sodium per 100g by 15% by the end of 2013.