Kellogg drops "natural" claims

Kellogg drops "natural" claims

US cereal manufacturer Kellogg has agreed to drop "all natural" claims contained on Kashi and Bear Naked labels in order to settle a class-action lawsuit against the group.

A 2011 class-action lawsuit had accused Kashi of misleading people by stamping the phrase "All Natural" or "Nothing Artificial" on products that contained a variety of synthetic and artificial ingredients.

Among the ingredients listed in the suit were pyridoxine hydrochloride, calcium pantothenate, hexane-processed soy ingredients, ascorbic acid, glycerin and sodium phosphate.

In addition to altering its labelling practices, Kellogg will also pay US$5m as part of the settlement deal.

A spokesperson for the company said that, if the settlement receives court backing, the group will comply with the terms by the end of the year.

However, the spokesperson added: "Kashi and Bear Naked provide comprehensive information about our foods to enable people to make well-informed choices. We stand behind our advertising and labelling practices. We... will continue to ensure our foods meet our high quality and nutrition standards, while delivering the great taste people expect."