Cereal giant Kellogg has extended its line of Special K Mini-Breaks in the UK with the addition of Mini-Breaks Zesty Lemon flavour.

Kellogg said the Mini-Breaks, which are marketed as a healthier alternative to other snacks, were one of the company's most successful launches in 2008.

"Mini-Breaks has been one of the most successful Kellogg's snacks launches achieving sales of GBP5m (US$9.17m) and the launch of the new Mini-Breaks Lemon will further strengthen this offering," Jean Yves Heude, Kellogg's general manager sales & snacks, said.

The company is supporting the Special K snack range with a GBP6m investment in advertising and marketing.
"Strong innovations are one of the keys to delivering Kellogg's ambition to grow our snacks business and we are confident this new product will help us reach our goal," Heude added.