Kellogg has reduced the levels of sugar in three of its cereal bar products now on sale in the UK to "meet rising demands for lower-sugar options".

The company said it has cut sugar in its Coco Pops Cereal and Milk Bars from 8.4g to 6.4g per 20g bar. Sugar in Frosties Cereal and Milk Bars has been reduced from 8g to 6.5g per 25g bar. Sugar in Kellogg's Rice Krispies Cereal and Milk Bars has been cut from 7.2g to 5.8g per 20g bar.

As part of the recipe change, the cereal and snacks company said it has also "added vitamin D and extra fibre to these lunchbox favourites".

"Since 2010, Kellogg's food development team have listened to parents and worked hard to meet rising demands for lower sugar options," the company said. 

Kellogg said its ongoing programme to reduce sugar in its foods will see it "remove 2,000 tonnes of sugar from the nation's diet by the end of 2017".