Kellogg has kicked off its bid to entice consumers looking to shed a few pounds in the New Year with the launch of a line of savoury snacks under the Special K brand in the US.

The company said Special K Crackers would help consumers beat the "afternoon munchies". According to Kellogg, nine out of ten US women crave snacks during the day with the afternoon the "prime snacking time". The company said the new range would enable consumers to satisfy their hunger without derailing any New Year bid to lose weight.

"We know from talking with consumers that planning snacks is important to assist in their weight-management goals while they are at work or on the go," said Kellogg's Julie Salmen.

Special K Crackers come in two flavours - Italian tomato and herb and multi-grain - and come in eight ounce pantry packs and 90-calorie packs.

Meanwhile, in a further bid for health-conscious US women, Kellogg has launched Special K Blueberry cereal, a blend of rice, whole-wheat and blueberry-flavoured flakes with oat and blueberry-flavoured clusters.