Trial to last six weeks in three Tesco stores

Trial to last six weeks in three Tesco stores

Kellogg has started another trial of a different type of packaging for its flagship snacks brand Pringles.

After a test on steel cans in Italy last year, the US giant is trying out a tube made of recycled paper in the UK.

The current Pringles tube is made from a combination of foil, paper board, metal and plastic, meaning the packaging can be difficult to recycle through existing household recycling systems.

However, Kellogg said the tube on trial is "widely recyclable" and consumers will be able to include the pack in their home recycling bins.

"Widely recyclable means that at least 75% of people in the UK have access to recycling facilities for this type of packaging material," a Kellogg spokesperson said.

The paper cans will be trialled with two different lids, a paper lid and a plastic lid. Both lids can be recycled.

Only three Tesco stores in eastern England will sell Pringles in the new cans and, even then, in the 200g "original" flavour. The trial will last for six weeks.

Last year, Kellogg trialled a can made from recyclable steel. Asked what the result of that test was, the spokesperson said: "As a global brand, we will be assessing the results of our packaging trials in Italy and the UK to understand which formats could work best for the Pringles can of the future in the UK, Italy and other countries across the globe. At the same time, we're working with all our markets to understand the recycling infrastructure to ensure that where possible our current can is accepted into recycling waste streams."