Market leader Kellogg's is set to take cereal into a whole new dimension with the launch of a luxury range called World Temptations.World Temptations combines all the benefits of breakfast cereal with a touch of indulgence to offer customers a totally new way to enjoy cereal. Like all Kellogg's cereals, World Temptations are an ideal way to start the day with a bowl of fresh milk but the new range is just as much fun as an afternoon or evening treat with anything from yoghurt to ice cream.The range, which is on the shelves from late September, comes in three tantalising flavours - Belgian Chocolate Dream (315g), Mediterranean Nut Medley (330g), Caribbean Fruit Carnival (300g) priced at £1.99 per tub. World Temptations comes in cases of twelve tubs which are conveniently packed in two easy to merchandise half trays of six.