Yollies yoghurt-on-a-stick has been launched by Kerry Foods

Yollies yoghurt-on-a-stick has been launched by Kerry Foods

Ireland-based food manufacturer Kerry Group has announced the launch of yoghurt lolly in the UK.

Yollies is not a frozen product; Kerry claims it is made from "extra-thick" yoghurt that is "firm enough to stay on a stick". They are packaged in "stay-fresh pods" to retain their shape.

Yollies are sold in packs of four and are made using real fruit puree. They contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Flavours available include raspberry, strawberry and apricot.

Yollies are available in Asda from August at an RRP of GBP2.00 (US$3.36).

Last week, Kerry's UK consumer foods business announced the launch of Cheestrings cheese in a spreadable format.

For the first half of 2014, Kerry reported higher sales and profits, although revenue and earnings from its consumer foods business fell.

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Every parent knows how tough it is to offer their kids new and exciting food choices that are nutritious and tasty.

To give mums and dads a helping hand, the makers of Cheestrings have revolutionised the humble yogurt and given it a complete make-over – they’ve miraculously put this popular dairy delight on a stick! And, unlike other recent yogurt trends, this yogurt lolly is not frozen.

Yollies are made from extra-thick, deliciously fruity yogurt - firm enough to stay on a stick and packaged in convenient, stay-fresh pods sfo they keep their shape all day.

Sold in a pack of four, each yogurt lolly features one of 16 individual characters. Once each quirky casing is peeled open, kids will not only love the novelty of eating their favourite yogurt as though it were a lolly, but the sticks are collectible key rings too.

This no fuss, no mess version of everyday yogurt is made with real fruit puree and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. So, whilst kids will revel in their ‘treat’ nature, parents can rest-assured, safe in the knowledge that Yollies are a source of Calcium & Vitamin D* – essential for healthy bones.

Out for a picnic, on the go or packing a lunchbox, this revolutionary ‘no spoon needed’ option is a fun and tasty way to replace traditional yogurt pots and tubes that parents know their kids will love.

With three fruity flavours to choose from – Raspberry, Strawberry and Apricot – Yollies are a delicious, inventive way to keep kids interested in a classic, nutritional healthy snack.

Reinforcing its commitment to the kids cheese snacking category, Kerry Foods will be supporting both Yollies and Cheestrings as part of a £5 million marketing campaign that kicked off in July, which will see the Brave Bones Club campaign featured across TV, cinema and online.

Launched in 2013 and designed to encourage children to become more adventurous through active play, the Brave Bones Club website (http://cheestrings.co.uk/about-brave-bones-club/) enables families to sign up and complete a series of challenges to earn virtual badges to celebrate their achievements. By championing active play the brand has helped to drive Cheestrings’ popularity with mums and drive trial among kids.

Yollies are available in Asda from August 2014, 4x 25g packs, RRP £2

Original source: Kerry Foods