Göran Axell, chairman of the Swedish consumer cooperative group KF, said recently that talks to create a common operational ground for the cooperative groups KF, FDB of Denmark and NKL of Norway had progressed, and that a detailed proposal would be presented to the members in December.Mr Axell commented on media reports in Denmark, claiming the three parties were in talks to merge their operations. The Swedish chairman would not go so far as to say they were holding merger talks, but he commented that they strived for an "intimate" cooperation, which could, of course, lead to mutually owned companies."We have to do something to respond to the increased competitiveness in the Nordic food retail market," Göran Axell said. He said that future plans were focused on how to draw on and increase the purchasing loyalities of about five million individual members which the three coops have in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In a next step, Mr Axell said, they hoped also to include similar coops in Finland and the Baltic States into the larger cooperation that is now being planned.Read our Feature Article: "Nordic Food Retail Market Buzzing with Takeover Rumours" at: