UK fastfood chain KFC, part of US group Yum! Brands, has announced that, following successful trials, it is no longer adding salt to its fries.

"It is up to consumers to choose whether they add salt to their fries. During trials consumers told us they really appreciated being able to add their own salt to get the taste right for them," a spokesperson for KFC GB said.

The company has also reduced the salt by up to 30% in a variety of other products including buns, popcorn chicken, BBQ beans, tomato ketchup dip pots, croutons used in its salads and the butter used for its corn cobettes. 

The move comes amid a massive campaign by the UK's Food Standards Agency to reduce the amount of salt in people's diets. As well as encouraging consumers to reduce their salt intake, the FSA has asked manufacturers to cut the amount of salt in processed foods.