Kind has pledged to cut the amount of sugar in its fruit and nut bars

Kind has pledged to cut the amount of sugar in its fruit and nut bars

Kind LLC has announced it is cutting the amount of sugar in its Fruit & Nut Bars in the US.

The new bars will feature 15-to-50% less added sugar than prior recipes. Starting in the late spring, the move will be rolled out to select Kind Fruit & Nut bars like Apple Cinnamon & Pecan and Almonds & Apricots in Yogurt.

Kind said the move was part of its "brand promise to offer wholesome and tasty snack choices".

"This reduction was accomplished by identifying ways to lower sugar without compromising taste, such as swapping sweetened fruit with unsweetened fruit and reducing added sugar in certain ingredients like yoghurt coatings. The result allows the flavour from the fruit, such as apricot and apple, and the nuts to take centre stage," the company said in a statement.

"At Kind we're constantly challenging ourselves to do better. Last year our team revisited the line that started it all for Kind, our Fruit & Nut Bars, looking for ways to keep improving on a snack that was already packed with wholesome, delicious ingredients," said Kind CEO and founder Daniel Lubetzky. "I'm so proud of our team. For us, this is much more than a recipe update, it's about honouring our history and continuing to fulfil our brand promise of making snacks that are both nutritious and great-tasting."