Kraft Foods clearly pays close attention to even minor details of its food products  its latest USA patent 6177117 granted 23 January titled "Cheesecake standardization method and product thereof" addresses the cosmetics of cheesecake fillings. Abstract : A method of preparing a cheesecake filling is disclosed that significantly reduces or eliminates the appearance of cracks on the surface and in the body of the filling upon baking. The method furthermore reduces the occurrence of the stadium effect to within an acceptable extent. These advantageous attributes are provided while still retaining the overall texture, taste, and organoleptic properties that the consuming public finds acceptable and pleasing. The method includes blending cream cheese curd with a composition including sufficient cream and/or non-fat dry milk to prepare a blend with a protein/fat ratio in the blend is in the range 0.182 to 0.186, and then preparing and baking the cheesecake. In an important embodiment of the method, the protein content of the cream cheese curd is estimated using a mathematical model to account for seasonal changes of the protein level in the cream cheese curd. The estimated protein level of the cream cheese curd can then be used to determine the amounts of cream and/or non-fat dry milk to be added to achieve the desired protein/fat ratio.