In March, Compex received the Kraft Foods Supplier Excellence Award. Kraft Foods North America presents this annual award to Kraft Food Suppliers who have made significant contributions in areas such as technology, superior quality and delivery, reduced time-to-market, supply chain effectiveness and productivity.With this award, Kraft Foods thanks suppliers aiding them in their goal to be the undisputed leader in the food industry. Kraft Foods considers its supplier partnerships as crucial to the ability of the company to provide customers and consumers with consistently high-quality products. The Kraft Foods award program is intended to recognize and strengthen these partnerships.Kraft Foods presents this award to a limited number of suppliers which exceed the company's expectations. Compex is the only and first IT company to win this award since its foundation four years ago.Mr. Guido Beazar, CEO of Compex, expressed the great appreciation of his company: "We are surely proud of this award. The quality and expertise of our team members and the dedication to have all projects succesfully accomplished are the pillars on which this company is built. And as we consider our way of working as the standard for all our customers, we are delighted with this award of 'excellence', because it proves we are on the right track."