Kraft Food's famous Jell-O brand has designed a new product for the computer generation.

Jell-O X-Treme gel sticks are portable snacks designed to be eaten with one hand - while the other is playing a computer game or surfing the web.

"It just might be one of the most innovative things to happen to snacking in years," says Jell-O. "With no spoon required, these portable new gel sticks are expecially convenient for active, on-the-go kids."

The sticks will come in new flavours including watermelon, green apple, strawberry, blue raspberry, cherry and tangerine.

Jell-O, which was invented in 1897, is also launching new ready to eat cups and is expanding the flavour range of its traditional boxed gelatin to include green apple, watermelon and wild berry.

By David Robertson, correspondent