Kraft plans 10% reduction in sodium

Kraft plans 10% reduction in sodium

US food giant Kraft Foods said it plans to reduce sodium by an average of 10% across its North American portfolio over the next two years.

The firm said today (17 March) that the reduction will be “good for business” and “good for consumers” and is expected to amount to the elimination of around 10m lbs of salt.

“A growing number of consumers are concerned about their sodium intake and we want to help them translate their intentions into actions,” said Rhonda Jordan, president, health & wellness at Kraft. "We are reducing sodium because it's good for consumers, and, if done properly, it's good for business.”

Kraft said it aims for sodium to be lowered further in a number of products by up to 20% by the end of 2012. Oscar Mayer Bologna is slated to reduce sodium by 17% and some flavours of Easy Mac Cups are to receive a 20% reduction in sodium.

"We are aggressively working toward our goal of a 10% reduction across the Kraft Foods portfolio, which will impact more than 1,000 SKUs, and we're pushing for greater reductions in the long term," said Jordan. "We're constantly looking for and investing in new technologies to help us get there."

Kraft produces around 100 products that are either low-, reduced- or no-sodium including Oscar Mayer Lower Sodium Bacon, Planters Lightly Salted Nuts and Hint of Salt crackers.

US packaged food manufacturers are increasingly facing pressure to cut the levels of salt in the foods they sell.

The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene earlier this year announced plans to push for a 25% cut in salt levels over the next five years.

Campbell Soup Co. last year reduced the sodium content in its heart-healthy soups for the US market, while ConAgra Foods and Sara Lee both pledged to reduce the salt content in their food categories by 20% by 2015.

Heinz last month said it will cut the level of salt in its core ketchup line by 15% from the summer.