Kraft's patent (6210723: Dough enrobed cheese filling) describes a rod-shaped frozen baked product with a starch degrading enzyme and a cheesy filling. How exactly the enzyme action will be limited, is not specified. 

The patent has followed an unusual procedure: US Provisional, followed by PCT, then national stage.

Current competitors:
DCA Food Industries
Rheon Automatic Machinery
Kraft Foods


    A baked food product comprised of a yeast-leavened, bread-like crust completely enrobing a cheese filling. The product may be shaped for reheating in a toaster or toaster oven or on a grill. The filling may have particulate food particulates added, such as diced meat and/or vegetables.

First of 10 Claims:

An elongated, cylindrical, frozen baked food product comprised of a cheese filling enrobed in a baked, yeast-leavened crust, wherein the crust has a bread texture and contains a starch degrading enzyme and the cheese filling, excluding particulate, contains 0.2 to 2.0 % by weight of water-soluble hydrocolloid gum.

By Navroz Havewala, correspondent