Strategic Research Institute, New York announces a conference designed to help the conventional foods, dietary supplements, medical/functional foods and marketers understand interpret and help make "new claims". Current attendee list offers a powerhouse of networking opportunities and includes top executives, scientists, attorneys ...from the Food and Drug Administration, Federal Trade Commission, Nabisco, Nestle, EAS, Tropicana, PharmaEast Inc, Weider Nutrition International, Tan Sheet, Health Business Partners, Health Focus, Muscle Tech Research and Development, Nutrition Business International, Roche Consumer Health, Texas Nutrition Institute, Ross Business Development, Kemin Foods, Strategic Communication, OmegaTech, Eridana Beghin-Say America, Advantage Marketing Inc., Advitech Solutions, Inc., Alta Health Products, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Functional Foods Inc, Natural Marketing Institute, Novigen Sciences, Thompson Publishing Group, Toxachema International,...There is still some time left to register. For more information or to register contact Stevie Sroczynski at 212-967-0095 x 262 or