Thai group La Vita Coffee Company is set to enhance its position in the domestic coffee business by expanding its production output and opening a new chain of coffee shops. The company has been trading for more than five years, reports the Thai Daily Digest, selling instant coffee and grain beverages. For the last 12 months the company has also been exporting coffee beans to Italy.

As tourism to Thailand continues to boom, the coffee trade has benefited. Many of the coffee outlets are in stations, and by the end of the year La Vita hopes to operate 60 branches.

As coffee chains proliferate in the more developed Asian countries, La Vita claims its unique selling point is the high quality of its products and processes. The company spent ten million baht (US$222,000) on a colour-sorting machine which separates out different grades of coffee beans, and each coffee shop boasts a high-tech steam roaster imported from Italy.

The current expansion plan involves the purchase of coffee from local farmers in four northern provinces at a guaranteed price.