Fresh-cut vegetable company Apio, a subsidiary of technology-based packaging firm Landec, has announced that it has introduced a low carbohydrate vegetable tray product for sale to retail grocery chains.

Landec said the mini 19-ounce vegetable tray with cut vegetables and dip recognises the demand from retailers and mass merchandisers to provide healthy options for individuals following a low-carb lifestyle, as well as for consumers looking for healthy vegetable choices.

The new Eat Smart Carb-Count tray contains celery, carrots, broccoli and Lighthouse brand 'One Carb Plus' ranch dip. Each four-ounce serving of vegetables and dip has a carb-count of 6 grams, Landec said.

Landec develops, manufactures and sells temperature-activated and other specialty polymer products for a variety of food, agricultural and licensed partner applications.