Lidl places fruit at tills in trial health move

Lidl places fruit at tills in trial health move

Discount retailer Lidl has launched a trial "healthy till" initiative in a move that will see it remove confectionery products from its till areas.

Impulse confectionery products, such as chocolates, will be replaced with foods that have a higher nutritional value, such as fresh fruit, the company said today (8 January).

Lidl said the trial will be rolled out across its 600 UK stores and comes as part of the group's increased focus on corporate social responsibility.

The retailer also emphasised it has signed up to the UK Government's fruit and vegetable Responsibility Deal, which was launched last November. As part of this commitment, Lidl voluntarily committed to rebrand its entire fruit and vegetable range, making it more appealing, particularly for children.

Lidl has also introduced a hybrid food labelling system to its own-label products, which will comprise both Lidl's existing Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA) as well as a 'traffic light' colour-coding system.

"Lidl is currently working together with the government and other leading supermarkets to establish a consistent approach to nutritional food labelling in order to help consumers in their wish to lead healthier lifestyles," the company said.